While you are probably sleeping, our boulangers arrive to the bakeries to start preparing all our breads. We bake and display them proudly – and warm – first thing in the day, for you to have the best bread in Cambridge.

Our passion: fresh and artisan made every day.

Artisan: Wheat, fresh yeast and salt.
Artisan Baguette: Same mix as the Artisan, made in the deck oven and with more water. Ends up with a thick crust and large bubbles inside.
Baguette: It has less water than the artisan and is cooked in the convection oven, ending up having a thinner crust and smaller bubbles of air inside.
Rustic: Wheat flour, Rye flour, Deactivated and dehydrated rye sourdough, Flour treatment agent: E300, salt, fresh yeast
Raboliot: 50% Stoneground flour (T80) and 50% wholemeal flour, hazelnuts, sultanas and yeast.
Sourdough: Wheat flour, rye flour (10%) and sourdough (40% of total).
Sesame Sourdough: Sourdough Bread + Sesame seeds.
Multicereal: Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, brown flax seeds, yellow flax seeds, outmeal, barley flour, wheat flour.

Only certain days depending on the branch
Wholemeal: Wholemeal wheat flour and yeast.
Rye and Walnut: Rye wholemeal flour (T170), sourdough starter, yeast, salt.
Rustic Seeded: Rustic + Linseeds, poppy seeds and sunflower seeds.

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